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Posted by BuddypalBrigade - July 16th, 2021

So guys, it's been a little bit. We'd like to bake up a little post here to reach out before going any further.

Why haven't you posted in a fat minute?

Animation takes time and we've been busy on other things.

When will the next cartoon be coming out?

Soon. Very very very soon.

What else have you been doing?

Something. We can't reveal the details on it yet because it's under lock and key, but you'll be able to see it some time this year as well.

Anything else?

Yeah. So, we've been posting this little thing called Tailgater and Kickflip to Youtube and Tiktok. Besides that, we've been working on a couple other projects and streaming now and again. If you want to support us, check out our patreon. otherwise, keep your eyes and ears peeled to our other content coming very very very soon. Our next episode of Tailgater and Kickflip will be coming out this weekend. See you all on here again very soon.

Also for those wondering, there won't be a BUFFFF 2 for another fat minute. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that we haven't already started on something like it.

Also also, the blobs are fat blobs, not frogs lmao. But you can still refer to them as frogs haha.

-Zachipuss + Jubbipuss



Posted by BuddypalBrigade - June 1st, 2020

Good morning or evening!

In the spirit of the fact that Buddypal Brigade was created 4 years ago on June 3, 2016, we're making a push in content this month, and we're going to be attempting to flood the system with content. What kind of content you ask? Well-uh, nothing too far out of the ordinary. We've got some cartoons coming, some comics coming, and a few other big surprises coming to this site to start make up for the lost time where we've spent a 3 year hiatus not posting anything. SO. Hopefully you enjoy our little celebratory overhaul of content. Come July, we will be dead in our seats. Not really, but we're excited for what we're bringing this month, and we hope you all are hyped as well. Thank you for your support, and we'll see you every day of this month.

-Buddypal Brigade (Zachipuss + Jubbipuss)



Posted by BuddypalBrigade - March 29th, 2020

Hewo? Hewooooah? Hi there! It seems we've struck something pure here by sticking to our odd style of art and comedy. If you liked Favorite Son, or even if you didn't like it, we have more shorts posted here as well as on the way. We're here to bring the next wave of online animation, and if you want to support us in our mission to inspire people and change the game for online animation, spread our name around. If you want to help us financially to fund this, or want to make a donation towards our work, you can do so on our Patreon. We are floored by the feedback we've been getting on Favorite Son as well as our other shorts, and it fills us with joy when we get to make people smile or laugh. We understand that times are tough and scary, but we're here to show you all that cartoons can bring the same enjoyment and distraction from the outside world that Saturday morning cartoons would bring to some. For the future of this channel, we can assure you that we will be here for a long time and have plenty to post on a consistent schedule each month. It's time to make our dream a reality, and show the other dreamers that there is a lot of worth in chasing something. We know that this message may not reach everyone on the level that it will reach others, but speaking towards everyone, we hope that we can bring you enjoyment from watching our cartoons. We also hope that we can inspire you or change your mood when you're feelin' down. We appreciate all the attention and support that we've received big and small, and we're posting this to say 2020 doesn't have to be a year of isolation from a deadly virus. Please for anyone who is sick or scared, stay home, take care of yourself, be cautious and considerate to the ones around you, and please get better. To everyone on here, we wuv you. Please be our buddypals.

-Zachipuss + Jubbipuss (Buddypal Brigade)